Depression is the continuous presence of sadness, emptiness, or irritable mood. This also may be combined with negative changes in your body and your mind that significantly affect your capacity to function and think on most days. Therapy for chronic depression provides space and opportunity to process negative life events, issues of perfectionism, or your need for approval. Therapy for chronic depression can help you sort through common triggers like abuse, dating, divorce, family relationships, social isolation, insecurities, or marital conflict.

Depression may be affecting your drive and motivation. Your ability to take initiative and engage in activities takes so much more effort than it use to. You feel guilty about losing interest but you can’t quite find the words to explain it. If you feel depressed, you also may be experiencing tearfulness, weight loss or weight gain, feelings of worthlessness, an inability to pay attention, or feeling slowed down. Depression can literally suck the life out of you. There are a variety of therapy activities for adults with depression. In my practice, I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). While using cognitive therapy for depression, we will examine your core beliefs and assumptions about life. Together, we will examine past experiences with conflict or trauma and create new meaning. You will be empowered to face your feelings without fear and increase your self-confidence. Both CBT and DBT are medication alternatives to treatment for chronic depression.  

If you can relate to any of these experiences and you feel committed to taking control of your life, call me at (704) 750 - 1889 so that we can develop a plan that brings you greater depth and fulfillment. You deserve the opportunity to be transformed!