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“I've been working with Montina for about 6 months and from the very first session she made me feel comfortable and supported. Taking the step to work on my mental and emotional health wasn't an easy choice for me, but each session with Montina helps me continue to want to the do work to become my best self.”

“Montina made it easy for me to open up to her and provided me with some tools to help me communicate better.”

“With her help, I can finally see myself grow and see that I have a bright future."

“In preparation for marriage and starting a family, I started seeing Montina to address some issues of anxiety I had behind these life changes. My work with her has been invaluable. I was able to breakthrough some barriers and gain new skills to move forward successfully in my life and soon-to-be marriage. I look forward to continuing my work with her!”

"Working with Montina has literally changed my life. I am more confident, more feeling and more capable of giving myself what I need. She patiently and consistently helps me connect the dots in my life. Talking to Montina is easy and I look forward to our sessions."

"Montina has had a significant impact on the way that my fiancé' and I communicate. We were able to have tough conversations during our EAP sessions, and then do the work to intentionally create those same spaces in our home. We both felt very comfortable with Montina and she has given us many tools to continue the work on ourselves and our relationship. We are very grateful for our growth after working with Montina."

"I just want to say thanks for your great communication and caring attitude. My daughter and I really enjoyed our session. I pray we will continue to communicate and strengthen our bond as mother and daughter. I want my parenting to be positive, consistent and balance. Thanks again for being the professional that you are."



“This has been the best decision of my life. Therapy is truly amazing! I have grown as an individual in life and it’s an amazing feeling and journey, Thanks Montina!”

“I'm so thankful for the opportunity to meet with Montina. She's amazing at listening and our conversations flow so well that it's easy to forget that this is a service rather than a talk amongst friends.”

"Montina has an amazing gift of being completely professional while connecting in an authentically personal way. I feel her excitement when I make progress and her encouragement when I need to keep going. I'm so grateful to find someone I trust and to help me dig deeper."

"Montina has been helpful, encouraging, and non-judgmental throughout our time together. She has helped me identify personal goals and specific actions I can take to meet them. With her help, I have made definite progress.  Montina is warm, welcoming, and funny, and I have truly enjoyed working with her. "

"You have been a safe haven for me when my life suddenly felt unsteady and unpredictable. You are able to laugh with me all the while offering professional and heartfelt advice. For one hour in your office I don't have to worry about judgement. I have felt validated and valued! Thank you Montina!"

"I found my counselor to be attentive, and approachable. She made it very easy to open up to her and express what I was going through. She also supplied me with useful tools to utilize every day."



“Before I began therapy with Montina I was in a place in my life where I didn’t trust anyone and felt hopeless. This included family and friend relationships. I hadn’t forgiven my father for wrongdoings in the past and I wasn’t sure how I would forgive him. With the help of Montina, I am figuring out how to love again, how to trust again, but most importantly, how to trust myself and God again. It feels amazing. And my happiness now comes from within. She taught me how to stay in the moment and practical things I could do to keep my thoughts in the moment. I am so grateful for Montina and would recommend her to ANYONE!”

“I reached out to Montina during a very rough time in my life and she been nothing but wonderful in helping me recover. I have been to therapy sessions for most of my life for various issues, but I feel that she has truly listened to me and provided me with solid advice that I can use to move forward as a stronger person.”

"I was going through a time of confusion and I misunderstood who I was. It's hard for young boys as they are becoming men. The world can crash down on you and leave you feeling lost. I'm thankful to Mrs. Galloway for helping me make it through that rough time in my life."

"I didn't know what to expect at first when I began counseling but having someone without any prior knowledge of me to listen and truly care about my well-being has benefited me a lot. Montina is really easy to talk to and has your best interest in mind when counseling."

"I have made some bad decisions in my life but one of the best has to be making an appointment to visit Montina. Mrs. Myers-Galloway has allowed me to see the strengths that I have inside and to clarify some of the triggers for my anxiety. Her relaxed and welcoming style along with her direct approach made it easy to open up and peel the layers away. I would definitely recommend that anyone considering a therapist visit her."